At Albany Creek Auto, we provide a wide range of car repair services for motorists in Brisbane, Brendale and Moreton Bay. With over 10 years of experience, you can always rely on us for quality, efficient maintenance and repairs for your vehicle.

Car Servicing

If your car is due for its regular service or even if you’ve missed a couple, our team can help you with a high quality, hassle-free, customer focused car services.

4WD and AWD Servicing

Our mechanics specialise in servicing and repairing 4WD and AWD vehicles including dealing with complex systems found in today’s SUVs such as anti-locking braking systems, stability control and electronic fuel injection systems.

Brake Services

From checking for fluid leaks to addressing brake drum and rotor wear, our experts can ensure one of the most important functions in your car is working safely.

Cooling System Services

Our team will inspect, diagnose and repair any issues associated with your vehicle’s cooling system from replacing coolants to conducting pressure tests.


Sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s wrong with a vehicle, particularly when there’s so many complex electronic components in modern vehicles. Our technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the root cause of problems.

Log Book Services

We’ll protect your warranty with quality log book servicing that ensures the long-term value and performance of your vehicle, using only parts and lubricants in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Muffler and Exhaust

Our team can ensure your muffler and exhaust system is working correctly to reduce noise and pollution as well as maximising the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Safety Certificate

In Queensland, a car requires a safety inspection to enable it to be transferred between owners. We can provide you with one so you can sell your vehicle.

Suspension and Shocks

Our trained technicians inspect your suspension and shocks at every regular service, ensuring your safety on the roads.

Tyre Repair and Replacement

Good tyres are essential for traction, handling and fuel efficiency. Need your tyres repaired or replaced? The team at Albany Creek Auto stock a wide range of brands to suit your needs.

Clutch Repairs

You can count on our trained technicians when you need issues with your clutch diagnosed and repaired.

Engine Management

Optimal performance of your engine is essential for reducing wear and tear, maximising fuel efficiency and performance and improving your overall safety on the road.

Steering Repairs

Got a problem with your steering? Visit our workshop in Brendale for reliable technicians who are experienced in diagnosing and repairing problems with steering.

Make a Booking Today

The next time you search for a “full service mechanic near me” in Brendale, make a booking with the team at Albany Creek Auto Centre today! We specialise in 4WD servicing and provide a range of quality services from log book services to car repair services and car maintenance services. Contact our team and call 07 3205 8122 if you have any more queries.