Today’s vehicles are equipped with complex cooling systems.

Due to rising fuel costs and economic times, manufactures’ are designing smaller engines, but asking them to deliver more power and better performance.

With these new designs came the alloy cylinder head, and with it came electrolysis.

Electrolysis is stray electrical current produced when the engine is operating. This stray current produces a devastating corrosive effect on alloys, like a cancer slowly eating away at unprotected parts of the vehicle, such as the alloy cylinder head, water pump, radiator and many water fittings that are vital components of your cars cooling system.

To be kept in peak running condition a cooling system is certainly about maintaining the correct operating temperature and reducing corrosion. It also involves controlling these stray currents (the unseen danger to modern cooling systems).

Our Cooling system service incorporates:

  • Inspection of all fans
  • Pressure test of radiator and cap
  • Operation of thermostat
  • Visual inspection of all hoses
  • Visual Inspection of all belts
  • Visual inspection on operation of all components
  • Testing of electrical relevant components
  • Inspection for any external indications and rectification of electrolysis
  • Complete flush of the cooling system
  • Replacement of coolant

At Albany Creek Auto Centre we only use quality coolants that either meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications, ensuring your warranty is not compromised under Australian law.

(Should you wish to have genuine coolant used in your service please advise us at the time of booking and we shall be happy to comply with your request.)

Correct maintenance of the cooling system will increase your fuel efficiency and save you thousands of dollars in what should be unnecessary repairs.

Neglect of these systems leads to major repairs and often engine replacement.