At Albany Creek Auto, we provide quality brake services along with a range of other repair and general car maintenance services for customers in Brendale, Brisbane and across Moreton Bay. When you need your braking system inspected or diagnosed for problems, you can count on our automotive service centre for honest, custom-driven services.

The Importance of Regular Brake Servicing

With more horsepower being delivered at the wheels of the vehicle in modern cars, the demands on the vehicle’s braking and drive systems have increased dramatically. To increase efficiency, many vehicles have been fitted with softer brake rotors and harder compound brake pads.

In 2000, asbestos was removed from all braking systems with replacements ranging from semi metallic to organic compounds. This has meant that brake systems often run hotter than previously, which has changed the way brakes are serviced.

What Does Brake Servicing Include?

At Albany Creek Auto Centre, your brakes are visually inspected for:

  • Fluid leaksBrakes being installed in Brendale
  • Brake hose inspection
  • Brake shoe/pad wear
  • Brake drum/Rotor wear
  • Mechanical operation
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Hand brake operation

If your vehicle is fitted with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) this system is also tested and reported on. Any issues are repaired after we advise you of the requirements and costs.

Rotor and Drum Wear

Rotors and drums have a strict legal wear limit to ensure safe operation. Albany Creek Auto Centre will not machine beyond these limits, as this places your safety and the vehicles insurance cover at risk.

Technicians found to be machining components beyond the legal limit face heavy penalties from the Transport department and can in some cases be held liable for damages in the case of an accident.

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For reliable brake servicing, car repair services and car maintenance services in Brendale, make a booking with the team at Albany Creek Auto Centre today! We specialise in 4WD servicing and provide a range of quality services from engine management to tyre replacements. Contact our team and call 07 3205 8122 if you have any more queries.