Ready to go on your next adventure? Our technicians have the skills and experience to ensure your 4WD is in top shape. At Albany Creek Auto, we are the AWD mechanics Brisbane, Brendale and Morton Bay motorists rely on. With over 10 years of experience servicing 4WD and AWD systems, you can rely on our team.

Our 4WD Services

From servicing new 4WDs under warranty to providing custom servicing for vehicles that are about to go on major 4WD trips, we can help you. Our wide range of 4WD and AWD services include:

  • Pre-trip inspection and advice
  • Pre-trip preparation
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Diesel injector and fuel pump service
  • 4WD tyre and wheel alignment
  • Electrical repairs
  • Auxiliary battery kits
  • Transmission and diff repair
  • Clutch and brake repair
  • Suspension repairs, modification and kits
  • Turbo and intercooler kits

With extensive experience servicing 4WD vehicles, we can advise you on specific service requirements, that will save money over the life of the vehicle with no unnecessary over or under servicing.

Using Specialists to Service AWD Systems

There are three basic systems full-time 4WD, part-time 4WD and All-Wheel Drive and we provide servicing, maintenance, repairs and pre-trip preparation for all these. Today, SUVs are a very complex motor vehicle with electronic systems such as

  • Anti-lock Braking systems
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Stability control
  • Accent and decent control
  • Engine management
  • Electronic fuel injection

When we service 4WD systems at Albany Creek Auto Centre, we utilise the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly and efficiently service and repair your vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle is maintained in top condition, we will also stamp your log book to validate your new car warranty.

Contact the Brisbane 4WD Specialists

The next time you search for a “4-wheel drive service near me” in Brendale, Brisbane or Moreton Bay, consider making a booking with the team at Albany Creek Auto Centre today! We specialise in 4WD servicing and provide a range of quality services from log book services to car repair services and car maintenance services. Contact our team and call 07 3205 8122 if you have any more queries.