A log book service is a comprehensive service performed every 10,000kms. The service is designed to examine your vehicle exactly how the manufacturer intended. All safety checks, measures and replacement service items are carried out according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

At Albany Creek Auto, we have a reputation for providing the best car services. Brisbane, Brendale and Moreton Bay residents have relied on our experienced team for log book services, car repair services and general maintenance for over 10 years.

What Does a Log Book Service Involve?

Different manufacturers require different services to be carried out with every 10,000km, however, there are some common checks and replacements that should be carried out, including:

  • Brake system inspection
  • Lubrication and filter changes
  • Belt adjustments
  • Inspection of suspension components
  • Inspection of steering components
  • Fuel system inspection
  • Cooling system inspection including system pressure test
  • Tensioning of certain components
  • Inspection of lighting and electrical systems
  • Exhaust systems and emission control systems
  • Tyre pressure and wear checks
  • Other specific checks based on time and no of Km’s travelled

    A car receiving logbook service in Brendale

The Importance of Log Book Servicing

When a new car is sold, the manufacturer provides a log book as part of the delivery package to record the service history of the vehicle. The book provides both the owner of the vehicle and the technician servicing it vital information regarding the anticipated service procedures, inspection points and servicing intervals required for the safe operation of the vehicle.

To retain your warranty, the log book must be stamped by the service centre and the parts and lubricants used must be equal to or of greater quality than the original vehicle manufacturer’s specification. At Albany Creek Auto Centre, we understand your concern regarding the protection of your new car warranty. We also realise how important it is to ensure your vehicle is service by highly skilled and trained technicians.

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